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neil’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 15 Oct 2005

Location: Nakuru, Kenya

MapArrived late on Saturday night in Nairobi, was a little scared as I got into a taxi with three complete strangers, I thought this is how I die, but im still here.

Stayed in a run down hotel, was a little disappointed, however I think in hindsight, it was a luxurious hotel.

On Sunday we went to a Giraffe sanctuary, where I was headbutted by one of them because I stopped feeding it. Then went to an animal orphanage where I was able to stroke a cheetah, as you can imagine my asre was going at this point.

I decided that before I started work that I need to take a quick holiday, because as you know I had been working really hard over the last few months!!! So I went on safari to the Masi Maara game reserve in southern Kenya, also went into Tanzania but only briefly. (three days Monday to Wednesday)

Saw lots of different animals, as hopefully you can see from the photos. Would have taken more but im an idiot who bought a camera that only holds 15 photos a time, so im compiling a CD Rom.
Went to a Masi Maara village, conditions were appalling and you would nt believe it but they had a market there selling local art and craft, just so convient!!

Travelled to Nakuru on Thursday, road was very bumpy and dusty.

Conditions here in places are the worst I have ever seen and when you see the photos you will be shocked (don’t worry mum im fine) Still not sure about my role, it seems very flexible, you can do what you want. There are two projects mainly working with 4 to 8 years olds near where I live. These kids have absolutely nothing (no shoes), some don’t eat until they come to school. But they always smile and they all shake your hand or touch your legs(must be my sexy legs).
They all shout out “how are you?” But they don’t understand my response. I will take some pictures of the streets and the school.
The school has no equipment at all.
Another project is working with homeless boys, this seems to be a well financed organisation, with lots of books. Run by Indians… comment!!

However im going to secondary school because are host has arranged for me to do some teaching, not sure why, think its because he wants to improve links with them and get some resources or money. May do it for a month, then work for the second month at the local school.

Im also doing football training with a team Mon to fri 4 till 6 and 10 to 12 on sat. We don’t fully understand me but im working on it. So keeping myself busy.

The hardest thing I find it the fact that you are not suppose to go out at night and so from 6, you are at home. They always have some religious Tv on, usual from America, with some fat white preacher raving about the lord…..! So I usual make my excuses and go to bed at 9 and read till im tired. Looks like its going to be a alcohol free time ahead……I miss route 66 on a Saturday night.

It is usually sunny and warm in the mornings and rain in the afternoon…just like home.

Will be going to lake nakuru and Thompson falls next weekend, also planning to go to lake Victoria and hopefully climb mount Kenya in three weeks time.