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neil’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 25 Oct 2005

Location: Kenya

MapFinally had a few beers at the weekend,also went to the cinema (odeon), would love to tell you the film i saw but the quality was nt very good and it did nt really have surround sound.
They were nt willing to show the film as there was only 7 of us and the manager insisted that there ahd to be 10 poeple. But when we asked how much, we decided to pay (33p paying 6 quid at gunwharf)
Last weekend we went to Lake Nakuru(see photos on web page) which was lovely and the flamingoes where amazing, the noise they made was like a motorway. Then we went to Thompson falls and stayed over at a local hotel. Apparently I had a deluxe single room, so up market there was no hot water and the tap came away in my hand.
Dinner was an experience, I saw the menu and thought great, sirloin steak for 150 shillings (just over a pound), however when I went to order, they only had chicken on the menu….i felt hard done by.
On Sunday we went to Lake Baringo and after a long journey and several minutes of arguing with the local boat men we went on a boat trip where we saw hippos, crocodiles, eagles and people.

Ate goat on sunday,was awful, but it did only cost 90p so i cant really complain.

Am planning to go to Mount Kenya on Thursday, where Gwen and I will attempt to climb it over a five day period, after which we are going to stay till next weekend and do some reforestation work on the slopes, before I head back to Nakuru.

Undecided what I will do after that, I might stay and teach for two weeks, before heading for the coast and travel along it for three weeks, I now have a greater desire to travel and feel more confident about moving around.