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neil’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 22 Nov 2005

Location: Kenya

MapHi, i am leaving nakuru on thursday so thought its best to tell those of whom,still remember me and worry about my safety where i will be heading.
On thursday i will be heading back to the capital Nairobi,where i will be going to Carnivore, a world famous resturant,suprisingly by the name it specialise in meat,all kinds...sounds like heaven.
Then on friday night(which as u know is my birthday....dont expect any gifts or cards....similarily dont expect and gifts or cards from me at a tight git) i will be catching the overnight train to Mombasa. The railways in kenya do not have a very good safety record,only yesterday two trains collided. However since there is only one train i think its safe from collision, however it has a tendacy to de-rail. Though it is better than going by coach,there are rumours that the coaches get held up and they sometimes cut the fingers off of the passengers.
The three of us (Katie,Rebecca and I) will be staying in Mombasa for a night before getting a bus upto Lamu, again this road is nt the safest.
Lamu is so remote that the island has no cars,but as with typical kenyan theme its a very religious place.Going to be staying there for about a week.
Thenmoving onto Malandi and then back to Mombasa,before heading back to Nairobi. For flight back to UK.
Saw Sky TV the other day,seems cold in UK now.Not use to cold weather, Nakuru is about 25 and Mombasa and coastal regions are about 34...hard life.