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Rebecca’s Travel Diary

Monday, 10 Oct 2005

Location: Massai Mara, Kenya

Mapyahoo going on a Safari

With our trusty driver, Ruffas and our cook, Joe and our not so trustly van we set off on a eight and a half hour drive from Nairobi to the Massai Mara Region.
I couldn't possibily experience roads are bad as the ones we bumped through ever again in my life.
At one stage we just couldn't breath in the back from the dust and the two boyos up the front with their windows wide open.
The Africans are great there dustproof, sunproof and mosiquito proof!
We camped in a close to a Massai mara tribe and village.
The owner of the tribe was thre owner, i had a great laugh with them trying to teach them how to play UNO.
At night when we're all tucked up the tribes men keep guard around the campsite.
So scary closing your eyes when there's serious howeling going on and you can hear the hyienes laughing.
Driving through the park was amazing, the animals were out of this world.
My hightlight was watching a lion and his baby cubs starting on a meal of fresh wildebeest.
We even got to venture down around the Seringetti for a while.
Our trip lasted over 3 days