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Rebecca’s Travel Diary

Friday, 14 Oct 2005

Location: Nakuru, Kenya

MapWe visited the three projects that i-to-i deals with in Nakuru today.
The first one was called the Filadelpia Centre. It's a school and residenatial centre for youngish children.
The class rooms were made up for wood against each other.
There was four children in one bench.
The kitchen had two large pots over an open fire.
The second one called the Walk In Centre set my stomach upside down.
It's only newly opened in the roughest part of town where all the town rubbish is sent. It's a slumes of Nakuru and children go out all day looking through the rubbish for left over food and clothes. The centre brought them all (80 children) to a shack with 3 rooms.
There they are guaranteed to have 3 meals of rice, potatoe and porridge everyday even on Sundays when they don't teach the children.
Finally we visited SCANN where i was assigned. SCANN has been going for the last 5years and it appears to recieve good donations of mattresses from hotels and old computers from banks and suff like that.
It's shocking to see all the boys with torn clothes and no shoes.
For some reason i didn't get a good vibe off the management there, so i've organised to work in the Walk In Centre where i'll be specialising with children from the ages 6 upwards who don't know how to write.
Starting on Monday!
BEWARE i may be asking ye all to sponser a child soon!!!!!!!