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Rebecca’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 20 Oct 2005

Location: Nakuru, Kenya

MapOn our tour of Nakuru when we first arrived we visited the towns dump which is where the project is set.
We were all shown this house that three kids that go to the project live with their mam.
It was like all the other shacks made from twigs and a iron coringated roof. In between the twigs they lodge volcanic rock, which is the most common rock type, for warmth.
Then they hang plastic bags or what ever plastic sheeting they can find, usually gathered from the dumb to line the inside from the rain.
So today we got lino, a beautiful clobble stone effect one for detail and lined the shack with it.
It was great so easy and it only took us less than two hours.
The shack was crazy it had a bed where they all slept in as well as their baby brother, they also had a couch but the rest of the shack was covered with big bags of collected rubbish from the dump, i think that they can recieve pennies for every bag collected of plactics, they was no place to move and little signs of cooking as well as food.