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Rebecca’s Travel Diary

Friday, 04 Nov 2005

Location: Nakuru, Kenya

MapIt's Kays birthday so were rebelously hitting th town ( there's practically a curfew of 6pm here)
The best cinema experience ever, saw Cinderella Man in the only cinema in town.
It's huge and we pierched ourselves for a little extra cost upstairs.

Picture and sound wouldn't be exactly anything to to proud off or even boast about it was awful.
At half time everybody from downstairs are allowed to go up stairs so next thing we surrounded with kids, behind, in front placed on your lap everywhere, wearing this big Sunday best dressses.

Then when the film comes to it's climax- this big important boxing match, the 25 people cinema start geering and shouting and clapping as if they were watching a real boxing match- it was brillant couldn't help but join in!

Afterwards headed to the social spot-Summit.
We were running low on funds and we all entered the twisting competition for the Vodka price.
And lets just say that i'd like to thank God and my dad for introducing me to jailhouse rock and gabriel for showing me Pulp fiction- Ha they didn't know what hit them i let loose, having the complete upper advantage thou.

paid for it all the next day of course