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Rebecca’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 23 Nov 2005

Location: Nakuru, Kenya

MapWell yes i'm still alive you can either believe that i was stuck into it all and had no time to update or that i was dossing for the whole time.

But seriously i have been really busy in school and the creative side is flourishing
We've made indian hats and read up about cowboys and indians.

As well as making snowflakes, suprisingly i still have all fingers intact.

We've also started adding in maths class, which was great fun because just saying and writing the numbers was getting mind numbing, and it's great fun finding things to add up and add together.
We made an attempt at leaf printing, that really didn't go so well because our leafs were very hairy and the paint didn't stick very well, but it didn't go as badly as glueing a face on a balloon craft class.
They were bangs and tears all day, and i really don't think any of the children got their balloons home safely!

Also doing the sounds in english at the moment and it really is interesting witnessing the start of a language, because you never think how did i actually learn english, but of course it's much harder for the kids because they've got a Monzungo (white person) yapping on about breaking words down and laughing at me trying to make the sounds of the words and of the things we are spelling, but great fun in the end.

During the week we gave out clothes that were sent over with two volunteers Sue and Emma's workplace.
It was great every child got a item and put it on then and there.
Faith is still to this day wearing her bart simpson PJ's to school!
So advance warning now ye all know what i'm hinting at, ye all have a couple of months thou to prepare!

And an entry that should in it's own right should have it's own separate diary entry is the Mission in Action baby orphange.
I'm trying to spend as push time there as possible.
The background is an Australian family, Ivan, Mary and three kids, sold all and packed up and arrived in Kenya almost two years ago.
They are in the process of building a huge orphange outside nakuru town overlooking the beautiful Nakuru National Park.
And i'm glad to say that the concrete has one down on the second floor so hopefully they should be up and running in the near future, but as of now they have a house filled with 14 orphans and they own family.
Could you believe it they have 10 babies and 4 toddlers, each with their own stories, mainly incest, aids, poverty.
So as you can imagine theres plenty of holding and feeding to do.

Here's their web site address if anybody whats to check it out

Saying goodbye to all the volunteers slowly but surely now and soon i'll be following i have only a week left, and am really feeling like i'm not ready!