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Rebecca’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 30 Nov 2005

Location: Nakuru, Kenya

MapI kept thinking that this day would never come and then all of a sudden i was doing my usual and cramping everything.
However, one cramping session went well and that was planning the sports day for the centre on my last day in Nakuru.

It was great they didn't even know what to expect when then came in and even some of the teachers dressed in sporty clothes.

With the back up of eight other volunteers from other projects in Nakuru, we had 83 crazy, excited children under control.....?

We used a field up next to the dump in the slum, but it was perfect and even attracted local spectators.
We made eight stations with activities and then after the sugar buzz from the biscults and sweets we did the big races.
We did long jumps, gymnastics, bowling, hoops, spin the stick, sack races, tennis ball and spoon races and the best, three legged races.

I also got to play Santa early and make up goody bags and 'like totally' accessorised the ladies with jewellery and scupped up the boys with Ferrai's.
However, i'm disclaiming to the future effects of rotten teeth from sweets (but how could you not, they need to be spoilt rotten once in a while?)

I think that i can truely say that all had a good day.

So then the sad part of saying goodbye was heartbreaking, not just saying goodbye to the children and wondering what they are going to be like when i see them again, but saying goodbye to the teachers, who are so self-less and as much as they can for the children.

In the two months i've seen two mothers with two children in my class die to Aids and then i've seen Naomi finally write the letter 'A'!
They will always be up's and down's here, and i know that 2 months is a short time and that you could never magically improve the quality of life for these children in that time but it all has to contribute to the bigger picture in some way?

I just want to say Thank You sincerely to everybody that has helped me to do this project,
thanks for buying a cake.....
for swinging it at the 60's party...
for making me gooseberry jam.....
for donating presents.......
for your donations.