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Rebecca’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 04 Dec 2005

Location: Lamu Island, Kenya

MapWell it's offical i've arrived in Paradise

I am now travelling the coast with two other volunteers from Nakuru.
We took the over night train from Nairobi to Mombassa and from there took the local bus and boat to Lamu island.

This is no doubt the most wonderful place i've ever been.
It feels like been stuck on the set of Lawerence of Arbria then an island in Kenya.
With narrow streets and smelly gutters, it almost feels medevil.

It's mainly populated with Muslins with more than ten Mosques.
I'm woken up ever morning at half five from the prayers at the Mosque next door.

The feeling is soooooo laid back with the only transport been the Dhow sailing boats and donkeys.
There are beautiful white deserted sandy beaches and smaller islands.
We take a dhow everyday to an island or out snorkelling, have fresh fish and coconut rice cooked in the boat or an the beach.
With the juiciest mangoes and a jamming session on plastic buckets and drums.

Again I can't believe that this is Kenya!