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Rebecca’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 20 Dec 2005

Location: Watamu, Wasini, Tiwi, Kenya

MapWell no real excuses for the total lack of communication, so bear with me, while i try to paint a picture for you of the coast.

We went to Watamu village after lamu, and i loved it there so much that i blonked myself there for almost two weeks.
Had great accomodation and a very mothering landlady, who took care of us (as we were all in the horrors with bad bad African bacteria)
The beach in Watamy was surreal, the sand was so white that you had to wear glasses or a hat to walk on it because the glare was so strong. There was National Marine Park here and i went on a double scuba dive and saw some great coral and purple octopuses!

The village itself was very much a local village with the bear essentials, with great stall food.
The place was very much so a tourist resort for Italians, but they never ventured outside there resort(they didn't even change there cash), so other than the beach, that was all we saw of them.
It was very weird for all the little children to be running up to you yelling CHIO, it'a amazing how alot of the local tarders speak italian, simply from just picking it up from tourists threw the years.
It makes me feel like a language stunted idoit for not being able to speak french, after studing it for so long!

We befriended a bunch of Massai men, who visit the village once a year for a couple of weeks to, as they put it "make money out of the tourists".
They'd do dance for the Italian tourists at their resorts and after had jewellery and other curio bits and bobs to flounder.
So we were able to go with them, to this amazing resort and were even pre'd with there face powder, for a better effect.

After saying the goodbyes to neil and Katie as they had to make their way back to Nairobi, i decided that i had to make some move along the coast, i headed back to the huss and buss of mombassa, collecting supplies and then headed down to the south coast, which had more of an African influence than the North.

The first leg of the journey was to pass the river by a ferry )passenger and Car), i felt like being in the Sterage department of the Titanic.
First the cars went on then there was this huge big rush of foot passengers, and if you were lucky enough not to get trampled on going onto the ferry, then faith would have you definately squashed against a car for the ten minute journey.

From there i headed down as far South as i could get to the Tanzanian border to Shimoni, where i got a boat to Wasini island.

Which was a really lovely place, the only place where a tourist could possibly stay was like travelling back in time.
I had a traditional Swahili bed (a four poster bed), a beautiful view of the sea and palm trees from my bedroom window and an oil lamp, I felt like a princess.

The island is spread on a large coral rock, and they have the nicest sea grass i've ever tasted.
I was well looked after and had a roaring feast every night.
All good things have to end, so after a couple of days there i had to get back onto the dreaded matatu and headed for Tiwi beach, which is the last stop really before heading back to Nairobi, for most travelors.

Tiwi beach was a nice and relaxing place and was a even better place for meeting people, met 2 irish girls (i only met 5 Irish people in total here) so had good fun.
It was great to hear other peoples adventures, like for example a guy called Wolffie, drove with this motorbike from Austria to Kenya and plans to go all the way to Cape Town! Wild

Headed back to the big smoke on the train and was bumped up to first class, because they gave away my 2nd class seat ( as you do).

Did my Christmas pressie shopping in Nairobi for the Oz's and the Kiddies, it could have been any other day on the calender, didn't even see one Santa!

I felt that i was cheated out of Christmas this year, like it never happened?
Or it's maybe that we could possbily over-do it at home?

Well we all say that time flies when we're having fun!
I can relate.
i ended up back at the same hotel i stayed at on my first night, for my last night.
Feeling alot different from my first visit, where i was too scared to leave the place to call home, or even venture accross the street for better food than the hotel's slob.
I can even laugh about it now, even some what embrassed.

I think that it's the travel books and parents that put the fear of God into you about places like these, which in real fact does then the world of injustice.
Beautiful children, people, land, language, culture

Countind down the days to a reunion