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Michael’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 01 Mar 2006

Location: Canberra, Australia

MapWell guys,

In a way, my travels have started, but I just didn't get very far. If all of my travels are like this, I should just unpack my bags and stay at home!

In order to actually "work" in the UK, it was necessary for me to obtain the correct Visa from the Brittish Consulate. However, with my passport still at the Russian Consulate (5 weeks total) I had no way of applying for the UK Visa. Even bribery of cases of Vodka couldn't get the Russians to move any quicker...

So, finally getting my hands on my passport Tuesday, I did the Canberra run (apparently a pretty common thing) and flew to Canberra in the morning, to get my visa.

Not knowing where I was going from the airport, I jump in the taxi line, which being 9am, is about 100 people long. After half an hour of waiting there, I get to the front, and the man asked where I am going. The guy laughs, points across the road, and says, it will be chaeper, and probably quicker to walk.... all 200 meters across the airport carpark.

So the day continued, with 3 hours of waiting in the consulate (without being allowed to take in any electronic devices like my iRiver or PDA to keep my mind off Kerri-Anne playing on TV) followed by 5 hours of waiting in the Canberra airport for my return flight to Melbourne.

As bad (boring) as the day was I am now ready to get out of here and go jet-setting around the world.... 3 days to go, but who's counting.