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Michael’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 05 Mar 2006

Location: Singapore, Singapore

MapWell, where do I start?

The nightmare began around 2am on Sunday morning. Somewhere along the short planning period for my trip, AFTER I paid for my flights, my flight from Melbourne to Singapore got changed from 1120am to 1250am (10.5 hours earlier).

When I picked up my tickets, just last Tuesday, I was given another copy of the itinerary. There was no mention of it having changed from the original copy, and I never checked it for changes.

So here I find myself sitting at home and I was supposed to already be sitting on a plane one hour and ten minutes out of Tullamarine. Needless to say it was a whole lot of phone calling but to no avail. Seems like at 2am on Sunday no one wants to be working - go figure?

So even tho I had yet to finish packing I was going to have no choice but to wake at the crack of dawn and try to get on the flight I thought I was booked on. Anyway, I finally made it to bed at 5am. One hour later and I'm getting up to go to the airport to fight onto any plane I could.

The people at Singapore Airlines were great and sorted the mess out. On the contrary, The Melbourne Travelspot I would "recommend avoiding" when booking your next holiday. It's fair to say they haven't left the best impression ever.

So I made the 1120am flight out of Melbourne, and it wasn't until the plane was off the ground that it actually occurred to me how long it would be till I'm back in Australia.

So to everyone who sent me well wishes in the last couple weeks, thank-you. To those that I didn't get to catch up with, sorry, but the wide world couldn't wait any longer.

For those movie junkies out there, you know who you are, here was my viewing schedule for my flight:

Aeon Flux
an episode of Everyone Hates Chris

Aeon Flux was OK, but the story line just seemed really kinda stagnant and the action seemed "not big"? If that makes any sense. Maybe it's ones of those movies that is better enjoyed on a big screen?

Rent ... well I was a huge fan of the musical and had to stop myself singing along... It worked OK as a movie but isn't quite there compared to the stage show...

So until next time, have fun, I know I will! And to answer the most commonly asked question: how long will I be gone?

525,600 minutes, how do you measure the length of a year?

Peace out, love you all....