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Michael’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 09 Mar 2006

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

MapHey guys,

Just a quick note to let you know I made it safe to Dubai, a land of contrasts... people doing anything for a dollar, but they manage to build places like the Burg... Go Figure....

Will update when I get to Cairo, in the next day or so, with the end of the Singapore leg of the trip and the Dubai leg. I will also try and put some pics up with that update.

Dubai can be summed up as such:

Where else in the world can you get off a plane in the morning, be skiing from 1pm - 3pm and then at possibly the worlds biggest water slide park by 330pm for the rest of afternoon? As Ice Cube once said "today was a good day..." but it blew any chance of maintaining a backpacker budget....

For those theme park buffs out there (Ali...) I highly recommend this one (thanks Jaime)

Wild Wadi Water Park

More info (and pics) soon...

Still lovin ya'll from Hallah KFC central....