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Michael’s Travel Diary

Friday, 10 Mar 2006

Location: Dubai Airport, United Arab Emirates

MapOkay, so I'll sum up Singapore with my last 5 minutes of net time....

Given that the last night in Singapore was spent at 4 floors, I slept in relatively late and went to the Swissotel Hotel in the avo. The bar is on the 71st floor, and you literally get looked up and down before they let you enter, even though it opens at 3pm, and I was there at 4pm, with just 6 other people in the entire bar. I was told that Singapore people are very materialistic and that might be a sign of it....

Great views of Singapore though. Even if you could only see to the end of the street cos of the fog.... Okay, not that bad, but you get the idea. Check out the picture on the photos page. You get a 180 degree view over the ocean and bag over the city. It was amazing to see just how many freight ships were in the water...

Headed back by bus to the hostel, and had the kind suprise of seeing a number (maybe 3) of Singapore fighter jets buzzing around the city. They were flying particularly low, considering that they were directly over the centre of the city, and appeared to be chasing each other... I was just a little upset that I was stuck on a bus in peak hour and really could only see them fly as they came into sight outside my window.

Got back to the hostel and found out that Jack from Geelong was headed to Dubai as well, and was flying out 3 hours after myself. So tee'd up some dual accomodation in Dubai to help share the cost.

Waiting at the airport I had possibly the truest of all Singapore meals I had for my time there: The Chicken Fan-Tastic at McDonalds! It was a McChicken, but instead of in a bread bun, it was enclosed in two clumps of rice! It looked like a rice cracker on the menu, but when I got it, I realised it was actually boiled rice clumped together!

My final notes of Singapore:
Crazy Fast Food - well at least it is out of the norm for Australia. As well as the Turkey Double Cheese Deluxe and Chicken Fan-Tastic that I sampled, they also had "Shroom" Burgres with mushrooms (duh) at KFC and Hungry Jacks.

They are very materialistic, but I guess that is expected given the number of shopping malls that they have (man was I gonna be suprised when I got to Dubai!)

Almost everyone has a comfortable grasp of English (at least in tourist areas) and the only problems in communicating was a result of me mispronouncing street names and the like.

SMU - Singapore Management University - is HUGE. It takes up the same space as all of the Universities in Melbourne combined. Block after block after block. Apparently there are gonna be a lot of management positions opening up in Singapore some time soon?

Radio is cool. It is as if every has been, or never quite was, American Radio DJ has come to Singapore to DJ. And they play heaps of R&B and Hip-Hop, more than in Australia, and newer stuff too, unless the new Daddy Yankee song and I'm In Luv Wit A Stripper has started getting radio airplay in Oz in the last week.

That ends Singapore, Dubai coming to a computer screen near you soon...