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Michael’s Travel Diary

Monday, 13 Mar 2006

Location: Cario - Doqqi, Egypt

MapGET ME OUTTA HERE - part deuxe

Okay, I know i said I wouldn't write, but got some free time this avo, and 95% of the tour have gone to the Egypt Museum, and I didn't feel like having a gun pointed at me for some money agfain - plus I had seen it yesterday.

But have to update you:

I rocked up to our overpriced hotel and checked in. I checked the piece of paper, and as expected I had been paired with another bloke in the twin share rooms. I could by the fact that the name started with a "Mr". It also said late check in, so I was suprised to see all his gear in the room when I got up there.

It is fair to say that I was hoping to find a girl in my room - but alas, not luck, as expected. However.... An hour after I got in the room and am enjoying the convenience of a hotel over a hostel (running water, flushing toilet), there's a knock at the door. I go and answer and with a puzzled look on my face kinda went "yeah, what you want?" You see, the person facing me was well and truly on the other side of 50, pushin 60 (at least I thought), white and obviously not working for the hotel.

Turns out he was the guy I was sharin a room with, on the tour. Not only didn't I get bunked with a chick, but I copped a (what I later found out to be) 71 year old! And boy did he love to talk, in the first hour I had been force fed thru 10 rolls of photos he'd taken whilst in Sth America, as well as a verbal barrage of how good Sth America was, and how crap Cairo was, so noisy, dirty and smelly - and the people, always wanting money.

"I don't tip, it's offensive to tip in Australia" - classic line, and I'm sure he'll come out with more over the week.

Anyway, on the first day, we already managed to loose him! He got lost (the only one of 14 people) heading from the Sphinx back to the bus - and this is what I'm gonna have to put up with for the next 10 days!

Wish me luck ya'll, I might need it.

Till next time, I leave this one piece of advice. If you're ever faced with people wanting to sell you something in an Arabic speaking country, say forcefully "la shakrun" and turn and walk away. Easy as that, the 2 most important words in tourist areas.


P.S. The good part of the hotel.... I went to the roof top bar and was the only one there. Within a minute of walking in, they had changed the music to Daddy Yankee - Gasolina, and a whole mix CD of American hip-hop including Window Shopper, Candy Shop, Touch (Amerie), and my personal favourite, an Arab remix of Lil' Jon's I Don't Give a f--k, and it actually sounded quite good! (Only one verse in Arabic)

But the topping on the cake was when I went back up later in the night and took the rest of the tour group up there. The two guys at the bar (brothers, one Christian and one Muslim) come over skake my hand and ask if they the music that I had on earlier! Despite there are a couple tabels of older crowd enjoying the more relaxed atmosphere! Great blokes... and they stand there bopping behind the bar, singing the songs, obviously unsure of the words cos their English is sketchy at best! But they love the music.....