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Michael’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 28 Mar 2006

Location: Dahab, Egypt

MapOkay guys,

Just a very quick one. I have already used my quota of photos (100) so have paid the measly sum of $12 to upgrade it to 1000 photos. I will worry about breaking 1000 when I get to that bridge. May just add another planet ranger account? Cross that bridge when I need to. So in the mean time, look at the pages lots, daily if you can (only counts once a day, so log on even if you don't read anything) to keep the counter ticking over.

Anyway, just wondering if anyone went to the Kanye West concert in Melbourne, and if they did, was it any good?

I shed a tear every time I hear a Snoop song, but hey, I am enjoying myself over here. I do expect a full concert run down after it's done tho!

Will write again soon,