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Michael’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 30 Mar 2006

Location: Dahab, Egypt

MapOkay, so it is 4am, and I'm on the way home from Tota's the local dance bar in Dahab. I will upadate you all tomorrow (or today, just after some sleep) but I am officially a nitrox rated diver now, and have done my first (and second) wreck dive.

More importantly, one of my photos has made the main page of One of the photos of the Burj! Check it out at

and you will see this month's featured photo. You will also see the note from planetranger to me that is now on the site asking me to let them know when i get close to 1000 photos and they will see what they can sort out. Not bad eh?

Anyway, till tomorrow (or today, when I wake up!),