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Michael’s Travel Diary

Friday, 05 May 2006

Location: Mykonos, Greece

MapEntry 30 - Mykonos (1st - 3rd May)

So I didn't really know what to expect with Mykonos. Again I tagged along with the drunken Sunshine Coast guys to the Paradise Beach Camping ground where I secured myself a single cabin. This room is literally the size of the bed, then just enough room to stand and close the door.

The camping ground is separated from the beach by a line of buildings, mainly the serve yourself restaurant and 'gift shop' referred to as the boutique. However, to either side of these buildings are a bar, each with it's own music playing through huge sound systems, and a bar on the beach in front of the restaurant, again playing different music. The beach is packed with table and
couches in front of the bars, and ahead of that are lines of sun-lounges, which are accompanied by sunshades in peak season and fetch up to 7 Euro an hour to hire.

We headed to the beach and started with a few beers. As the avo wore on, we eventually pulled out the remaining liter or so of Ouzo and polished that off. A couple more beers, and as the crowd at the beach died down, we headed to bed one by one, ready for some much needed sleep.

The following day, we headed to the Hora (islands main town, usually having same name as the island, in this case Mykonos) as the qld boys headed off to Ios. Rather than hit 3 islands in 3 days, I figured I'd be better off spending more time on 1 island. The small town is just beautiful, if you were into the people watching, cappuccino drinking scene you'd probably love the place, except for the price tag! It is also not shy to the gay scene, with a huge nightclub in the middle of town painted with a massive flag, and CLUB RAMROD painted across the front of it. No chance of mistakenly walking into that one I don't think.

That night I met some more Aussies, most from Perth, and we headed to one of the houses near-by that a bunch of them had rented out and drank on the balcony looking over the beach. Not a bad view at all. At about 9pm, we caught the bus back into town and headed to a place called Mex-citement. It was a little bar with reasonably priced drinks, but for whatever reason, I just wasn't in the mood. And even if it had crossed my mind to really fire up, the site of 4 of the WA boys doin Tequilla Stunt Men made me realise that I was way too sober for the crowd, and too far to catch up to even consider doin stunt men. I headed home (after grabbin a crepe) by taxi at about 2am. Taxi was nice - merc, fully leather trim and TV in the back seats. They ain't messin round on this island!

The following day was spent very lazily on the beach, even if the weather was getting colder and colder. In fact, the day we arrived had the best weather, and it has gone down hill from there. It wasn't rainy or anything, in fact the sun was still out and warm, but the wind just picked up more and more and made it colder and colder. We headed out to a place called Niko's Tavern for dinner. It was a decent feed, but not as great as we had hoped. The highlight had been the pink pelicans that decided they wanted to see what we were eating and just wandered into the restuarant for a bit of a look! Quite amusing.

We headed back to the beach, and started having a couple quiet drinks. After having taken 2 Sudafed before dinner (to clear my nose) I was bouncing off the walls, ready to go out. Now this is 100% truth. In Aus, Sudafed now requires a prescription, and each tablet contains 30mg of Pseudoeffadrine (however it is spelled). The pack I bought in Turkey contains 60mg per tablet, and I wasn't aware of that till the next day when I couldn't sleep all night. Not only that, it was a pack of 30 tablets for $4... Imagine how much that stuff would be work back home!

Well, everyone else, still feeling hung-over, and with blurred vision from the lemon in the eyes the previous night, decided to call it a night when the beach bar shut at 10pm. There was no-one headed to town, and I went to bed after everyone and lay there for about 4 hours before finally getting SOME shut-eye, but not a whole lot.

The day I headed back to Athens for my plane to London. It was a six hour ferry ride, through much rougher water than on the way to Mykonos, but a pretty uneventual trip. In fact the whole day was pretty uneventual. I got to the hostel at 9pm, and wandered around Athens again for a coupe hours. I found a cinema with 7€ movie tickets, and figured why not - they were showing Inside Man. So at 11pm, I start watching Inside Man, but what I wasn't aware of was that the cinema was on a roof-top in Athens, so it was freezing! Luckily I had my new fake O'Niel jacket and it kept me pretty warm. The cinemas were so bush league that they actually had an intermission in the movie to change the movie reels over! When I got back to the hostel, I headed to bed, adn for the second night in a row I got no sleep as two old yanks (reminded me of the guys of Grumpy Old Men) were in the dorm, snoring loud as hell. After anm hour or so of not sleep, I jumped down, grabbed my iRiver, and tried to sleep with the music playing. I had more luck, but every time I moved, I rolled onto the iRiver and woke myself up.

The following day I headed to the city cemetary with a chick from Cancada. It was pretty boring, and the least exciting of the sites that get on the Acropolis ticket. Then we headed to the Olympic Stadium, which was much more impressive. At noon I bailed and headed to the airport. By 815pm I was in London, and headed for my first underground experience. So... I am safe, here in London, sorting out the bank account tomorrow, and hit She-Bu within 24hrs of landing. The place I am staying in is also within 200m of a Walkie (Finchley Road for those who know) so will have to visit that soon - maybe.

Anyway, more soon and pics being loaded now (I hope).