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Michael’s Travel Diary

Monday, 12 Jun 2006

Location: Moscow, Russia

MapHey ya'll, We're pimpin all over the world!

This actually comes from Warsaw, but we will say Moscow, cos you are still all waiting for that diary entry. Just letting you all know that I splashed out and found a 2nd hand phone, so I can once again text people, using all of the letters of the alphabet... sorry anyone that had to go through the pain of a shortened alphabet sms from me... you think it was hard to read, try typing it!

At the moment I am half cut after the Socceroos first heat win! Woo hoo... 3 litres of beer for about $20 AUD, which is expensive in Poland. And a 3-1 win over Japan... man I hate soccer! Then we went to Chopin recital where Amy, the 18 year old young'n vomitted, first person ever to throw up at the Chopin recital... a new Contiki record!

Thanks heaps to Kristy, you rock... I have credit again, so can reply, even if it cost my left testical each time (so many people have a piece of it right now, I don't know what to do with it). Anyway, thanks Kristy.

Just got this email from Megan T, which pretty much sums up Ios if anyone is interested...

"We have just spent 3 nights in Ios where the beaches are absolutely amazing and the nightlife is pretty good if you are 14 and on drugs, pretty amusing if you are not."

Sound familiar Day Day?

Anyway, hope you're all well. Go my birthday, first and last chance for some off-shore drilling on this tour, so could be interesting. We have hired out a bar, and have night club planned, as well as a casino lined up if necessary!

Love you all!