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Michael’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 17 Jun 2006

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

MapHey ya'll,

Just lettin everyone know I made it safe to Amsterdam... hmm safe.... Just watched The Netherlands beat Ivory Coast in the world cup, making a habbit of being in the home country when they are playing! Will update end of Contiki trip ASAP, and keep adding photos when i get a chance.

Small world....
Staying in Amsterdam, in a hostel with 174 beds, and meet a girld from Shepards Lane, Chirnside Park. Man, half way across the world, and meeting people 5 minute walk from home? To make things funnier (this ones for you mum and Jaime) her name Veronica Strangio and she went to Mt. Lilydale, graduated in 1999 and lived with Sam Waring in Brunswick for a while! Small world.

Anywho, hope veryone is well, GO RANGERS... finally a real twighlight game in the GV league (get down to it people, saturday night at Rangers ground... 530pm kick-off). Check