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Michael’s Travel Diary

Monday, 19 Jun 2006

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

MapAhh, free internet....

Half time Aussie game, and the air horn is waiting for a work out!

For everyone I have met along the way... here are the rough dates and locations of residence of Clint and Boar over the next month.

Amsterdam till 19th June

Dusseldorf 20th June

Rhine Valley (somehwere) 21st June

Interlarken 22nd - 24th June

Cinque Tera 25th-27th June

Monaco/Nice 28th - 30th june

Barcelona 1st-3rd July

missing a day here..

Pamps 5th - 8th july

Bordeaux 9th July

Lyon 10th July

Milan 11th July

Venice 12th July

Innsbruk 13th - 15th July

Frankfurt 16th July

Think that is it and the scehudle is subject to change!


DAMN... Brazil just kicked a goal.....