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Michael’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 18 Jun 2006

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

MapSo, the mood soured early in the second ha;f, and never really recovered. Went down 2-0 against Brasil, which according to me, means that as long as we draw or beat Croatia in the next game we're home, anything else we loose (assuming Japan dont beat Brazil). Looked over the shoulder of a Brazilian typing anm email beofre I jumped on the computer, and saw him typing an email to a mate at home and referring to "just about had to slap some Australia/racists mofo's" I ain't racist (as far as I know) and there were ne references to n-words (he was black and I've trained clint) or anything other than Ronaldo was an overweight pedophile... (which is true is you read the tabloids)....

Anyway, don't wanna piss people off, and consider myself far from racist...

hears hoping for a win (and a reason to use my air horn) against Croatia...