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Michael’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 06 Jul 2006

Location: Pamplona, Spain

MapOkay guys, have 2 minutes

Some how managed to survive th opening ceremony of the festival... great footage.... video and photo... met up with Kristy and Shernell (from Anzac) mand Matt (from Contiki) at our campsuite, run bulls tomorrow at 8am (spain time... will let u know how i go.. watch the news!


Mum... okay

Hayley.. will try darcey!

Ps boar broke (well at least fractured REAL GOOD) his nose today but dont worry mrs K !!!!xxx

pps Boar lost his $220 oakleys which he paid $110 for stolen right off his head!!!

PPPS I got my oakleys stolen from my pocket after a ball had smashed one of the other lenses so now theres a one eyed short sighted spanish bastard walking round PAMPS

PPPPSLove to all especiall you JAIME!!!XXX AKA BOARS SISTER!!!!