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Michael’s Travel Diary

Friday, 07 Jul 2006

Location: Pamplona, Spain

MapSan Fermin - The Bull Run


Here´s the low down. Had my nose fractured or broken (there´s a fine line between the two), and given there is no first aid that speak any English, it will have to heal itself. An Aussie nurse grabbed Clints hankee, ripped it in half and rammed the shit out of it up my nose while we tried to straighten it....

How´d it happen?

Thing called the muscle bar, a few of you may have heard of it, and some (like Spen) have jumped off it before. Well, when you jump, people have to catch you, but hwen you´re a stupid yankee git who jumps and rolls in teh air, you come down knees first into some poor pricks face (me). Oh well, live and learn, adn didn´t get to jump, probably a good thing.

Now, the run. Woke up feeling okay, so decided to do the run, adn obviously survived. Videod it down the run, so will put it up ASAP. Scary? Not really, until your inside the bull ring with pissed off baby bulls just charging people... that shit was scary.

Kinda like a one night stand:

Before the run (at a night club, you know somethings gonna happen, but not sure what or when. Anxious, keen, nervous etc.)

The run (build up to bad sex... over and done in 2 minutes, kinda disapointed)

Bull ring after (know you should stay and snuggle, but can´t be stuffed, get out of bed and leave)

Will update when i get more time

love you all