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Michael’s Travel Diary

Friday, 28 Jul 2006

Location: London, UK

MapHey guys,

Well after three days of half assed job searching on my behalf, I have determined that when all of the knowledgeable people tell me there are heaps of engineering jobs in London - they are referring to civil engineers. Everyone one is civil.

The one guy that said to send my CV before I left London is no longer working at that recruiting agency! Strike one, but they do have the CV on file and are due to ring -I'm still waiting. After phoning almost 10 different agencies to enquire about engineer recruitment (anything not civil - or A/C related for that matter, the heat wave must have people wanting air cons all of a sudden?) I finally had a lead. The last agency on my list game me a couple names. Well today i have bombarded the cyber world with resumes and am hoping to come up with something. A couple of crappy jobs I applied for directly, but mainly to agencies.

I have also decided to take on another path... marketing. Admittedly I don't have a marketing degree, but I am gonna send in a resume anyway. Betfair, the online UK company, are looking for someone in their marketing team to help market their ever-expanding poker branch. It would include travelling to poker tournaments through the world... not a bad gig. So will send that one off once the resume is written!

Well, hope you guys all have a great weekend, will post more as I hear more, maybe even a brief weekend rundown, the old TDE way (what ya think Spen?).