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Michael’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 02 Aug 2006

Location: UK

MapHey Guys,

Well still no luck with jobs. I have decided to try my hand a few other things, and to date the options have included:

1. Science Drug Guinea Pig. Not the most glamerous of work, but apparently it does pay! The major downsides are that you may spend the rest of your life comatose, or grow a second penis, or a third arm. Then again, maybe I'll get x-ray vision or something? Things aren't that desperate... yet.

2. There's a new missile company referred to in the media as Hellzboa. They are keen for new missile design engineers. The pay is said to be great, they even pay relocation costs. Uniform (towel) is provided. Rapid promotion is a high possibility with quick staff turnover. No dental or medical plans, provided, nor do they contribute super-annuation.

Still plugging away tho....

(oh, yeah, and the above are jokes....)