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Michael’s Travel Diary

Friday, 04 Aug 2006

Location: Lodnon, UK

MapHey Guys,

Another Friday and still unemployed. I am applying for some grand jobs, on was as a techie for rocket launches. That would have been cool. Spacecraft design engineer on the southern coast of England could also go well. Another one was an avionics engineer out at Luton which has incredible advantages - well one. Most of the cheap flights fly out of Luton, so I could literally go straight from work, maybe even fly into work on a Monday morning?

Other developments include being told by a free CV checking place that my CV sucked, so I have 'tweaked' it (ie. lied through my teeth and hope that by the time they figure out I'm well into a job and doing a good enough job) - check that sentence in the bracket; 'well into a job'? Am I turning pommy already? Oh yeah, and I finally had a knock back on a job, so that’s one of a million that I'm not in limbo over.

The internet cafe I am using has a computer with paradise poker loaded onto it, and with the WSOP main event going on as we speak, and with Aussie Joe 'pass the sugah' Hachem still doing well, I'm feeling the birth of my online poker career... will keep you posted on that one.

Have a great weekend, will get the photos of Paris up in the next few days (got nothing else to do) and will let you know about Munich and Beerfest, sorry Oktoberfest, as soon as it's booked.