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Michael’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 10 Aug 2006

Location: London, UK

MapAlright, it's been almost a week since the last update, so figure I better fill you guys in on what has been happening. Trust me that it has nothing with me doing any work of any kind.

So last weekend was a bit of a wierd one. Friday night was quiet (remember, rapidly running out of money, no need for crazy spending). Saturday on the other hand was crazy spending. I headed out with Kristy and a few of her housemates to the Brittish Beer Festival at Earl's Court, with 800 odd differen beers on hand, mostly ales. Because it was the last day, the entry was discounted as a few of the beers had already run out. Well, it went from bad to worse once we got in there. Steadily through the day, kegs ran dry, and stalls shut up shop. All that meant was the lines at the other stalls got longer and longer and longer - to the point where you'd wait half an hour for a beer, only to be dissapointed cos it tasted like crap. Finally we left and headed to the Firehouse for another beer before deciding that beer wasn't working. Lamby, Court and I bought a bottle of Jack Daniels and polished it off rather quickly back at their flat in She-Bu. At that point I knew I'd had enough (oh yeah,) and headed home to pass out almost instantly - needless spending. Sunday I didn't do much again...

Monday I headed into the city and caught up with Matty Porter (Ports), who used to play down at the Croydon Rangers. Like any good Aussies, we headed to a sports bar that apparently play quite a bit of gridiron once the season starts. After a couple beers there, we headed to the Porterhouse pub - wonder why - and then to the Punch and Judy pub after scoffing down a couple cornish pasties. Then we headed to the Roundhouse for a final beer and called it a long afternoon. It was good times, catching up, comparing travel stories.

So this week, well most of it has been spent looking for work, and getting nowhere still. A couple of times I have had faint glimpses of hope, only to have my eyes open up wide with excitement and have a burning hot stick poked in it - well that's what it feels like anyway. The hunt is now on for crappy jobs - trust me... I even got turned down for a call technical in-bound centre job working crazy shit hours, but would have paid in excess fo £650 a week. It was on a temp job website, and I asked how temp, because I was going away in December and he said no. In reality I had only planned on working for 5 weeks and get out of there... but didn't want to tell him that.

But I was also consumed this week with looking for a bed. Sarah, who has been way to hospitable, has more people coming the next couple weeks, so I had to move. I hated interfereing in peoples lives so decided to look at the short-term options on the world famous gumtree. Found a place in a loft (attic) that is small but cool. The guy that owns the place is a Kiwi, adn a sports fan. It's cheap, no contracts (minimum stay), free internet, and he has sky plus that has me watching Yankees vs Whit Sox baseball right now (non-soccer sport TV - incredible!). So I moved in here last night, and here's hoping that works well.

I have also booked flighst for Oktoberfest this week. Apparently I didn't do it the most cost effective way, but didn't find that out till afetr I booked. Ports told me that the best way to get to Munich (during beer fest) is by flying to Salzburg in Austria, and then catching a one hour train across to Munich. Not a bad idea. It works out about £40 cheaper for the flights, but the cost to get out to, and back from, Standsted Airport in London isn' cheap, plus the return train ride from Salzburg to Munich (which isn't all that much if you get a group of four or more going. But the flighst are booked, and the accommodation will be finalised today.

So, I hope all is well at home. Please cross your fingers that I get a job soon - please!