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Michael’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 15 Aug 2006

Location: London, UK

MapHey guys, have no fear.

There will be an update soon (probably tomorrow) with all the happenings of the weekend, and what a weekend that was! But let me give you guys a few words to keep you interested... and scared (I was, wait for it).

Two concerts - The Bishops and Datarock (photos and video). A really lame gridiron game (photos and video) with Ports, drinking with Ports and his housemates (photos) and being propositioned by an Italian bloke (it must just be my good looks), and trust me, that part was scary, disturbing and down right sickening... but more on that when I write up the weekends happenings.

Job front.... got knocked back for a stress engineer job today because the company doesn't want to wait for me to get security clearance, but the consultant has a couple other ideas for me... time will tell. Also applying for a night job running poker tournaments for the Amature Brittish Poker League in pubs and clubs around London... the guy sounded excited by my interest... so again time will tell. He actually tried to get me into a full time gig organising the venues, advertising and stuff, but I said I'd rather just take a part time role running the competitions a few nights a week (seems I still have hopes of getting a 'real' job). Besides, the finding venues and getting the advertising sounds like a tough gig, with the may not that crash hot - £1.5 per person you get to play. So by the time I find five venues to run a weekly competition, and get 40 people to each venue, I make £600... If it takes and you run two venues a night, Monday-Friday, with each venue holding 50 people, you can make a nice sum of £750 a week, but how long before it takes to build up to that amount... I am only here for a year!

Anyway, full update tomorrow probably....