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Michael’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 17 Aug 2006

Location: London, England

MapOkay, a couple quick things....

First, happy birthday Clint... keep ya head up, was great travelling with ya.

Now, the important thing - this weekends plans.

I figured what better to do than to combine three things I have been enjoying all holiday (well, two things and a third I'm about to enter into).

What are these three things?

1. Gambling (how many casinos have I hit?)
2. Getting naked (nothing to do with the Italian...grrr, Nordkapp)
3. Going for championships - Sunday, UK Mobile phone throwing champs, then in a fortnight the UK (mini) Golf Open.

So what could this all be leading to?

I am entered into the 1st Annual World Strip Poker Championships - NO SHIT.... It's on this Saturday, and I just got the confirmation email...

So what does it involve? Basically removing a piece of clothing if your out of chips, then getting a re-buy, and when all your clothing is gone, after your last rebuy, you play naked till teh chips are gone... Maximum of 5 re-buys, so 5 pieces of clothing.

The cons
- getting naked, in a mostly male dominated environement, but they have tried to keep it even.

The pros
- getting naked
- guiness book of world record (biggest strip poker game)
- it's totally free
- naked chicks
- £10,000 for the winner, and there are apparently only around 200 people. I'll take my chances thank-you.

To read more, see:

Wish me luck, and if your're feeling adventurous, you can always back me, or an Aussie at least, to win the thing (40-1 odds). I'm off to look for a wax (or maybe just a body double!)! Who says you don't get up to crazy shit when you're not at home?