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Michael’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 29 Aug 2006

Location: Isle Of Wight, UK


So had my first interview today, and being down in the Isle of Wight, it was bound to be a long day. On a good day it was going to take the best part of four hours to get there - I walked out the door at 715am for a 1130am interview. Unfrtunately I didn't have Ice Cube singing 'Today Was A Good Day'...

Infact, after a rather depressingly boring weekend, I was all pumped to put in a couple good 'performances' this week and get myself a job. Well, rule number 1 - rock up on time... blew that one out of the water.

It seems I just happened to get stuck with an interview on a day that South West trains were striking and that made my life a living misery. The 8:05am to Southampton changed to 8:45am to Besingstoke, and I had to catch a connecting 10:10 Virgin train (delayed by 14 minutes due to signal failure) to Southampton. A cab ride to the Ferry Terminal and I finallymade it to the ferry port just after 11am. The ferry departed at 11:30, and I got to the Isle at about 11:55am. By the time I caught a taxi to the passenger ferry, and caught that across, it was 12:30pm, and I was at the wrong site!! Ahhhhhhhhh. A half hour walk up the hill to the other site and I made it there by 1pm. Six hours of travel, and about 50 pounds of incurred costs, and I was in no state of mind for an interview.

Having said that, I was there for almost two and a half hours (maybe they were just being kind and didn't want to send me packing straight away) and it seemed OK - but just OK. I don't think I did a whole lot to impress them, and then when they pulled a beam and asked me to do a shear force and bending moment diagram I blanked - totally. I managed the BMD, then eeked out the SFD (commonly done in the other order), but sat there looking at the piece of paper like it was in russian for the bets part of 5 minutes before the cogs started ticking over... and even then I wouldn't have come across as confident... I wasn't.

So, will be interesting to see where that one takes me, with relatively little stress engineering under my belt to date, I will struggle to get a job out there I think.

Tomorrow morning, no strikes, and I'm headed to Oxford for day two of interviews.

Fingers crossed again...