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Michael’s Travel Diary

Friday, 01 Sep 2006

Location: London, UK

MapHey guys....

Well at this stage it looks like I will be rolling with GKN. Late yesterday I found out that the December holidays were given the go-ahead by GKN, so that meant that all three companies had said yes to me going to the states for 3 weeks. McAlpine also came thru with an offer, but it was less per hour than HeathTechna. Better location, worse pay. Also less interesing (but cruisier) work. As such, I am leaning towards the idea of heading to the Isle of Wight and working for GKN. It is 'real' work, in a global company. It have a feeling that the winter months will be long down there, even longer than in London, but it is only one winter, and the best part of a month will be spent in the states anyway.

Only checks still to be completed is looking into the accommodation that is available. If I can see some suitable stuff, I will take the position. In any case, I plan to let everyone know by the close of business today. Will post it on the website when I have made my final decision as well.

Cheers guys.