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Michael’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 02 Sep 2006

Location: London, UK

MapHey guys,

Just a quick couple of messages:

Firstly Happy Father's Day - I miss ya old man.

Secondly good luck to the Rangers today. Semi-final against the Crusaders, should be a great game and I'm sure the Green and Silver can finally get over these mongrels.

Lastly, just a quick summary of weekend to date. Headed out to Bar Rumba on Shaftsburry Ave for Matty Ports going away party last night (Friday). It was typically Ports, with nothing but Hip-Hop playing, so in London that means a very dark crowd. Ports eventually showed up after I'd made the most of happy hour (and the comfort of knowing I'd soon be paid - ££££) and we had a good night. Somehow tho, I lost the boy, and everyone else that knew him around 1am. I decided to head home, and sleep out the alcohol. A very uneventful trip home, but a good night on the whole. Anyway, wasn't till today that I found out the reason they had all left was that Ports had been king hit and ended up in hospitol getting stitches in his eye.... hope you get better soon man.

Today was a miserable London day, no real rain after the early morning, but no sun at all and a fierce wind. I headed to Clapham Common to watch the BARFL (Brittish Aussie Rules Football League) Grand Final, and it was a monster one sided victory, with one team up about 14 goals to 2 at three-quaretr time, and kicking with the wind in the final stanza. I left fearing the heavens would open up. But whilst there, ran into Gerard, a Perth bloke that I met in the Athens Backpacker, then met again in Istanbul, and again at Pamps... seems I may have ended up on the beaten path afterall.

Happy fathers day, and go Rangers.