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Michael’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 12 Sep 2006

Location: Southampton, UK

MapHell all,

just a short one. I have moved in (wel if you could call it that, I just threw a backpack in the cupboard...) and it was great to have my own bed. A brand new bed, with brand new sheets (I had to buy them).... oh so comfy. Actually slept reasonably well. The house is pretty cool, I think it was a good choice - so far. There are only 2 other guys in there so far, and the landlord and his mate who are taking a couple of the rooms part time. A chick is sposed to move in later this week, and another room is being taken by another chick in a couple weeks.

Went out for drinks last night (just a couple) and there are heaps of bars nearby. The one we went to was the cheapest there (apparently?) and it was actually good value. I had a pint of beer, one of the blokes had a pint of cider, and the other bloke had a corona, and I got change from a £5er. Happy with that.

Headed to the Walkie today (I was going past) and stoppe din for a Tooheys Extra Dry - mmmm so tasty. Anyway, asked at the counter 'You guys got any of the footy games on?' to which the chick serving said 'You don't mean soccer do ya...'. I was shattered to find out that they have no AFL, not even the Grand Final - looks like I'll be headed back to London that weekend.

Anyway, i'm back to paying for the net, so better wrap this up. Will get some photos of the new palce up when I get a chance... still mcuh to do before work - and Oktoberfest!

Commiserations to the Rangers boys - lost 12-3. Next year... (heard that before...)