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Michael’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 20 Sep 2006

Location: London, UK

MapWell, seriously, I have no idea where I am gonna find a net cafe in this town. There are two, on ethat shuts when the shopping centre does (6pm most nights) and one near my place that is shut at 5pm, except Wednesday and Thursday night when they stay open till 8pm.... whoopy doo, especially when I don't get home till 720pm, then the guy say I have to pay in 1hr incriments .

Anyway, I sat and typed up half an entry for Oktoberfest last night and put it on the iriver to plug it into the computers near my place and upload it now - and the guy then tells me 'we don't allow anything to plug into our system, could have anything on there'. Man this place sucks. Rules out doing photos and video here too.

Will take the entry to the shopping centre in town tomorrow and see if I can get any more luck there - hopefully that have late night Thursday shopping....

Oktoberfest awesome, work is killing me, and my bike was stolen after four days (and my insurance doesn't cover bikes... that was a good £200 down the drain) - that about sums it up for the 5 minutes I have to write this!

Love you all.... till next time, hopefully sooner than later!


PS... I finally made it thru all of the songs on the iRiver... 6006 songs, finished the day I came home from Munich. Again I will have the power to choose what I want to listen too... about time!