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Michael’s Travel Diary

Friday, 13 Oct 2006

Location: Southampton, UK

MapOkay - of all of the replies to my bulk email, this one had to be the most fascinating - I figured I'd share it with you all now.... Ummm, don't know what else to say.... Have a great weekend?

From Dwight Bandy - Croydon Rangers Gridiron Club

Good luck my little Jury Duty partner.

Hopefully I will get to see you on National Geographic's "Air Crash Investigation", telling us all why you turned up to work a little tipsy that day and forgot to stress-test on of those 24 chunks you look after.

If you find yourself in an overseas prison at any stage, please feel free to contact me. I'm an expert on this subject. Except the anal-rape part of it though. I don't feel comfortable discussing that. Not in public anyway.

Cheers big ears....