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Michael’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 17 Oct 2006

Location: Southampton, UK

MapHey guys, not a lot to report, besides a Friday night out on the town by myself - what a loner - but the bar a went to was £2 all drinks, all night, so I made sure I sampled a wide selection and enjoyed the hip-hop / garage that they were playing.

Anyone trying to text or call the last few days, sorry but my fine died (dodgy 2nd hand polish phone) and I only just picked up my new phone (Motorola V3 - first non Nokia since I don't know when... the old Ericson brick of '98?) so am back in action. Still no net at home, in a growing cause of pain among the housemates.

Heading to London this weekend to go see the AFL game between Port Adelaide and Geelong, so that could be good with the weather forecast as typical London with more rain. So, will be fun! Then on to the Walkie to continue my boganising for another weekend.

Will update at the end of the week with all this weeks deatils!

See ya'll