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Michael’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 29 Oct 2006

Location: Southampton, UK

MapHey ya'll,

I know, quick turn around in the diary entries this time, but alas, not because we have internet at home. Just had a few free minutes at the net cafe so decided to write adn say hi.... Anyway, last night (Saturday) was good. Went out with Nat, her boyfriend and a bunch of work mates to parts of Southampton that I have never seen before. I believe the area was called Bedford Place, and its got a trendy crowd over there. Went to The Wine Bar first (don't worry, was drinking beer... not a wino yet!) for a couple drinks and then to an Afro-Latino restaurant for dinner. Man I needed a good steak, and finally I got one - must have been imported meet. For starters I had crocodile which was delicious, but somehow couldn't help but feel a bit guilty, and had to say RIP to Steve Erwin in my own way...

After dinner we headed to another pretty funky bar in the area called Seymore's and despite it being a bit of a sausage fest we had a few drinks, and enjoyed the hip-hop music - well I did anyway.

Then for reasons beyond my comprehension, we left the trendiest part of Southampton (that I've experienced anyway) and headed to a pub called the Shield and Dagger in Shirley. Well, it was a bit of a dive, but one of Nat's workmates husbands (or something along those lines) runs a karaeoke night at the pub so we went and drank there, playing a couple games of pool. Eventually, the pub shut, we left by taxi (if memory, which is mighty cloudy, serves me correctly) and did what all drunk people do when they get home - have another drink. After nursing a beer for around an hour maybe, having taken no more than a mouthful the whole time, I packed up, and headed to bed, thankful for the extra hours sleep for the end of daylight savings.

However, that doesn't mean that I am thankful about daylight savings in general. What already seems rediculously early to be getting dark will now be even earlier. Plus it will be lighter in the morning when I like to get a bit of extra sleep on the ferry's on the way to work. So now there is an 11 hour gap from where I am to Melbourne, with you guys hitting daylight savings this weekend as well. So noon in Melbourne is 1am England.

Well, that's all for now... speak again soon my friends.