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Michael’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 02 Nov 2006

Location: Southampton, UK

MapAin't No Sunshine When She's Gone...

Okay, before we get anyone ego tripping out there, this week's song of the diary entry is not based about a person. She, in fact, refers to Daylight Saving in the UK. And as of Sunday morning at 2am, She was gone, not to be seen again till April next year. APRIL? That's half a year away. Come to think about it - I was pretty well and truly gone at 2am Sunday myself, but I did rise again before April (though it didn't feel like it on the Sunday...)

Anyway, I guess a more accurate statement would be "Ain't No Sunshine (Outside of Normal Working Hours) When She's Gone" but there was never a song written with that particular line, so we have to make do.

Some time in the wee hours of Sunday morning, between one pint and another, after losing my phone sim card, but not before turning the bar upside down looking for it, I managed to do the impossible - go back in time. That is right, for the second time that same evening, I was living between 1am and 2am. Ok, so it isn't that much of a miracle, but in the state of sobriety (or lack of) I was in, I could be forgiven that there was some for of holy divinity, or perhaps a Delorean with a flux capacitor involved.

Anyway, that point some how magically affect my life for the next 6 months, without me realising it at the time. In fact, it wasn't till Monday that I did realise it, but it hit home like a mack truck (covered in ice) ploughing into my face.... but before we get to Monday, a quick Sunday recap.

So, finally waking up, and not realising the clocks had been turned back, I trudged into the kitchen feeling sorry for myself, and declared that "Yes, I do indeed have a hang-over". Upon realising that the daylight savings had finished, I edited my previous statement now claiming "Oh, nah, it must just be jet lag with that 1 hour time difference... I don't do hangovers - unless of course I've just come from Germany".

Following a pretty lame breakfast (at 1pm, after the clock had been wound back an hour) of pancakes, I headed back to the pub that I had been at the previous night. No, I was not in need of another drink, but the hair of the dog may have helped on this particular occasion, I was in fact looking for my sim card.

Flashback.... (conversation from previous night)

Rather upstanding gentleman working behind the bar (RUGWBTB): My phone has just died, does anyone have a phone that takes O2 sim card.
Rather drunken patron at the bar ordering another round (ME):
YEAHHHH - 4 pints thanks
RUGWBTB: Dude, can I borrow it and make a call on it?
ME: No worries - can I have my four pints?

----- RUGWBTB gets four pints, ME removes SIM and battery from phone and hands items to RUGWBTB, placing SIM card on bar.

Five minutes later...

RUGWBTB: Thanks man, here you go... (handing phone back to ME)
ME: No worries bud - another four pints?

----- RUGWBTB gets four more pints, ME removes SIM and battery from phone and looks for SIM card on bar. SIM card cannot be found. Exchange of pints for SIM and cash. ME now with another four pints, less cash than before, and a phone and battery but no SIM card.

ME spends much of the rest of the night lifting chairs, bar mats etc. looking for SIM card, and reluctantly (and drunken tiredly) gives up and goes home with rest of people he was at bar with.

Fade back into present.... (note, some of the above wasn't word for word true, but was close enough to be truthful and entertaining - I hope).

So, getting back to the bar, I ask if there was any SIM card handed in, or found when cleaning up, and got a bunch of pretty blank faces. The manager came over and told me that two phones had been stolen as well last night, and I started thinking maybe I didn't actually loose it and it was stolen - just my luck with me having just entered a contract and not on pay as you go... RUGWBTB walks up and says he hasn't seen the card but has been looking for it, saying that he saw me put it right in front of me at the bar. Generous RUGWBTB hands me a fiver and says he's sorry.

I walked back home, then to Southampton and got anew sim card for the phone (£10, so I really only paid half thanks to RUGWBTB) and my phone was working again at about 5pm London time. so if anyone tried to text or call between say midnight and 5pm London time on Sunday (about 11am Sunday - 4am Monday Melbourne time) my phone wasn't working and I never got any message/call. I ain't snobbing anyone!

Fast forward to Monday and the frozen Mack truck hitting me in the face.

Well, it did feel a little colder, and seem a little less black when I woke up in the morning, but being the man I am, I decided I didn't need my jacket, and just wore my jumper (brand new - Prymark cheapy). Well, lets say I am happy that I didn't have to wait long for the bus! Anyway, got to work, comfortable enough, but then the next phenomenon of the Daylight Savings Effect - at 445pm when I left to head home - the Sun was just about set. What the? And the shortest day of the year isn't till December 21? Man, gonna be a long winter.

Tuesday I made the decision to wear the jacket to work, ontop of the jumper, and thank god I did that. It was the first day of the Artic Winds blowing in from the north, and now I know what bitterly cold is. I was bitter, and the weather was cold. They (who ever they are) had no right referring to the late Waverly Park as Artic Park. I saw countless games there, sat through torrential rain on the old wooden seats and evern had a handfull of beers with the old man watching Carlton win (man that must have been a lifetime ago) on Friday night and then dad suggesting I get some practice under my belt and drive on the way home on my Learners? Anyway, point is, 'Arctic Park' was never as cold as this wind. It was similar (but worse) than coming up the Wombat or Federation chair lift at Mt Buller and the second you cross the ridge, nearing the top of the lift (still a couple minutes from dismount), the wind whips up right into your face - yeah ouch.

The weather continued the same for Wednesday, and being stuck in goals playing soccer after work was worth a couple broken fingers, and on more than one occasion after blocking a shot on goal I looked down expecting my hands to be shattered like that of the bad ass terminator in T2 when he's dropped in dry ass or whatever it is. Made it through the game impressively, well while I was in front of goals. The rest of the time I just ran around like an idiot, just trying to make contact with the ball!

This morning (Thursday) I stepped outside and not only was I slapped with the frozen Mack, and the Arctic Wind, but it was also the first morning of frost for the season (yes, season being Autumn - a month before winter still). The frost was rediculous - it was near an inch thick or so on the car windows. I have never seen anything like it back in Aus. It would have taken a flame thrower just to thaw the ice on the windscreens!

Anyway, I am generally gettin the idea why Poms are rumoured to talk about nothing but the weather... cos it is so bizzare. Not much else happening round the place, and no plans for the weekend yet - cheap flighst to Dublin are going, but dunno if there are any tickets left (not on sale at ticketmaster at the moment), but if there are, I'll head up to Corke Park for the second International Rules game. Anyway, best be off. Enjoy the long weekend all you Melbournians and enjoy Blokes Day to everyone going!