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Michael’s Travel Diary

Friday, 10 Nov 2006

Location: Southampton, UK

MapLadies, Gents and everyone in between...

I have just thrown up 4 pages of photos from Southampton around town last weekend. Pretty random, but gives you an idea of the town - I hope. Also, the What The??? page has made a return with a photo that I wish I had got, but God only knows why I didn't. I just sifted through the millions of photos from Matty Ross (circa Contiki Tour and Pamps) and pulled the gem from that pile of photos. So thanks for that Matty. It's a dead set ripper in my book, hope you can make it out.

Other than that, another week down. Just noticed that the tickets are on sale for the Rugby World Cup next year. (Aussie) games start on the 8th September (Saturday). Whilst I would still be at work for a couple weeks (assuming visa finishes), think i could get enough flex-time to take the Friday and Monday off to have a long weekend watching the game. Anyway, the reason I say all of this - anyone coming over in September and want to see the Aussie kick some ass??? Let me know ASAP as I'd like to book the tickets soon.

Schedule is as follows (team/location/cheap tix):

8/9 Aus vs. Asia Qualifier 1 - Lyon - £14
15/9 Aus vs. Wales - Cardiff - £38
23/9 Aus vs. Fiji - Montpellier - £14
29/9 Aus vs. Canada - Bordeaux - £14

Let me know if anyone is interested... Only allowed 24 tickets total, so 6 tickets to each of 4 matches, or 12 to 2 matches etc.

Outside of that...

Well, finished the Dice Man book earlier in the week and it is one of the strangest books ever. I mean strange. I don't know how else to put it. I great and enjoyable read, but one of the craziest ideas I have ever heard of. I understand, in a bizzare way, why Loaded magazine could suggest that Luke Rhineheart (the author of this autobiographical style story) is the author of the century. To come up with the story, and develop it the way he did, you can only imagine that it actually is a real life autobiography. The story seems so beliveable, but the events and processes to get there rediculously unbelievable - and vice versa, changing throughout the book.

Anyway, from one great book, to an absolute classic. Who the hell is Tommy Lee (besides the dude in the Pammy porno with the monster trouser snake) and who the hell are Motley Crue. Seriously. I am reading the book Tommyland (man, when did I take up reading??) and it is an absolute pisser. I can't remember laughing out loud so much ever, not just when reading a book. The man is a legend and my newest number one idol! The dude rocks... and is funny as sin. Anyway, churning through that one. What on Earth would possess me to read that? Books ain't cheap and Nat has a heap of books, so I raided her collection and she said it was a cool book. By the ned of page one I was hooked! Eventually I found out that Nat was the air hostess for Tommy Lee's European tour a couple/few years back, and she bough the book around then. Man, she must have a tough job?

Outside of that, I'm getting the hell out of the net cafe and starting my weekend! Have a great one all...