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Michael’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 25 Nov 2006

Location: Southampton, UK

MapHey ya'll

Well, again, not a whole lot to inform you all of. The great USA trip is getting closer, and this time in two weeks I'll be touching down in NYC. It is safe to say that I am sooooo looking forward to it, and and in desperate need of a holdiay. It has just been so long since my last one! Hahahaha. Well, the trip has already started for Richie, who I'll be meeting up with in New York for the month of travel. Following on from this diary, he has also set up a planetranger page, so feel free to have a browse at that one (diary entries are more concise than mine!).

So what else is going on?

The poker monster I created at the house has continued to grow, with Dan and Gerard purchasing a poker table top thingy, and the games have heated up. Admittedly, with a win last night, I have moved to 31 points in the Southampton Series of Poker, with the nearest rival at 16 points! More than that, the cash games have started, and it wasn't even my idea. Admittedly it was chump change (3p blinds!) but every saw a different dynamic in the way the game was played.

Got a monster surprise yesterday when I got paid. They actually adjusted my tax code, and not only was my tax less, they refunded all the extra tax that I had paid the last two months, and my nett pay was larger than my monthly salary! Oh yeah, that's gonna mean trouble in the USA!

Stef and I went and saw the new Bond movie on Tuesday (hmmm, cashing in on the poker craze of late???) and I really enjoyed it. I am not much of a Bond man usually, but I really enjoyed this film. And the chase scene at the start with Bond chasing some dude (played by one of the French 'free-runners' or whatever they call themselves) was awesome.

Aside from that, and a night at the Brass Monkey (pub) watching Liverpool (Stef's Team) play someone in the soccer, it has been a pretty quiet week. One development in the futur etravel plans has taken place tho.

St Patricks Day, 2007, in Dublin. Will be booking in the next couple of days, with Gerard and I heading up, for 4 nights, and Kristy and a bunch of other from London way heading up for Friday and Saturday night. So, that will be the first adventure 'locked in' for next year!

Alright, go the cricket team (hahaha, nobody seems to want to know bout cricket here for some reason) and I'm off to the Walkie to watch the Aus vs. Scotland rugby game.

Till next time....