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Michael’s Travel Diary

Monday, 04 Dec 2006

Location: Southampton, UK

MapHey guys,

Firstly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD - what is that, 39 years old for the 19th straight year? And never looked better! Hahaha. See you in a couple weeks, and prepare to hand over your money on the golf course...

Okay, so not alot here to talk about (notice a recurring theme?) but times are a changing. As of next Saturday, the TRAVEL in Boar's Travel Diary will have a heart beat again. That's right, as old boy Frank said, I'll be in the city that never sleeps (though, I think Vegas should hold the crown over New York) catching up with Richie and Ash.

Around here? Trying to organise stuff. Between working my ass off and finally putting in some real OT, and travelling to and from work in ever diminishing weather conditions, not a lot has happened. Work, deadlines are approaching, and given that my deadline is pushed forward because I'm headed on holiday, the pressure is on.

Stef is still at the house which is keeping me company, and we seem to be keeping ourselves busy on the weekends... I have no idea what he gets up to during the day unless I ask him to run erands for me! The last couple of Saturday nights have resulted in hangovers on the Sunday (usually afternoon rather than morning) which have required some nursing. Though one of the many highlights of these trips has to be last Saturday's Orange Room cocktail binge where Stef stumbled upon a cocktail called a Kentucky Breeze - awesome...

This Saturday's hangover was invoked due to copious amounts of red wine (what in the world is it with Aussies going to England and drinking Red Wine) and a Braii (or what ever the crazy South African's call a BBQ). The arguments ensued as to weather it was a BQQ or a Braii, any English informed of the event assured us that there is no such thing as either of them in England outside of the months June-August. But being daring antipodeans, we strived forward, and cooked up a feast - on sight of the cooking instruments, the size and rust dictated that no-one would dare to call said fire receptacle a BBQ and we conceeded that it must indeed be a Braii. Given there was traditional South African meets cooked as well, I don't really think Stef and I had an argumentative leg to stand on.

Around here - well, cricket is suddenly a talking point, after last week it seemed as though the entire English community didn't realise the Ashes had started, suddenly they have found their voices.

Work, as I said, has been busy. But good too.

Everything else has been getting myself ready for the Christmas trip - oh yeah, and I bought tickets to the Snoop Dogg and P Diddy concert in London next year (interesting concert combination...)

So yeah, stay tuned, daily (or close to) updates shoudl be taking place from early next week until the new year. Finally something to keep you occupied whilst at work!