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Michael’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 12 Dec 2006

Location: USA

MapHey Guys,

Okay, so the last couple days have been some what inebriated! Yesterday, being a Sunday, was spent entirley watching football. We headed down to Greenwich Village, and I purchased a replacement pair of Oakley Dartboard sunglasses that I have been missing since Pamplona. Every weekend when I finally get to see the sun for 8 hours after a week of week, my eyes brun, so I walked in and bought the sunnies. After a bit of wandering around, we eneded at The Village Tavern, with a dozen TV screens, and every game on TV. We watched all the early games, the middle games, and at half time, went for mexican (sorry for the lack of invite Mozz) and Magarhitta and then watched the late Sunday game that was an absolute blow out. All of us went home, feeling pretty sorry for ourselves, with a gut full of alcohol and mexican.

Today - Monday - we headed out to midtown, and tried to get as much done as possible. We fisrt put our name in for the Letterman Lottery, and pretty soon we had ourselves tickets to the show. Guest for the night - CLINT EASTWOOD... first time he has ever been on the show, and trust me, Letterman gave him all the time in the world. It was really a great show, and dare I saw it, better than the taping we went to in 2003. We were downstairs, as opposed to the balcony, and rea;;y enjoyed it. The other guest was Matthew Fox, the main dude from lost who was talking up his new movie, "We Are Marshall" a true to life gridiron film.

We also headed to Rockerfella centre, and decided to go to the Top of The Rock, as they call it. It was a really clear day, and the view is incredible from up there. Central Park just looks phenomenal. I have never been to the top of Rockerfella before, and was at the top of the Empire State building at night, so haven't had that perspective of NYC previously. Man I love this town. It was a little over 10 degrees, the sun was out, and the place looks HUGE. Words, and pictures, really can't describe and do justice to how incredible a city this is.

So after Rockerfella, and the long drawn out process of ticket gathering and taping of Letterman (spent more time in lines for tickets than the taping itself) we find ourselves headed to Hoosters for dinner (and drinks) and watching the Bears destroy the Rams in Monday night football. Safe to say it is looking good for the Bears to demolish Tampa in the game we are going to next week.

Next on the list (Tuesday) is trying to get tickets to a Conan O'Brien taping, then heading to Lower Manhatten for the Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, and Ground Zero - and maybe a few less drinks than the last 3 days! Photos will hopefully be up at some stage soon-ish!

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