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Michael’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 13 Dec 2006

Location: New York, USA

MapHey guys,

Last night was great fun. Richie and I headed to the Rockefeller Centre after the Empire State Building and went ice skating. Safe to say we both suck. I can't remember the last time I went skating. Aside from drinking, and today's activity, it was the most expnsive thing we have done to date. It cost $14.50 to do a skate session, and $8.50 for the skate hire. We lobbed up at 730pm, and was allowed to skate until 8pm, then there was a half hour break before we were allowed on for the 830-10pm session. By the time we got our skates, put them on and got to the rink, we were down to 10 minutes, but jumped out there.

Slowly at first, and looking like a toddler taking it's first steps, I busted onto the ice, in an attempt to truly 'get my skate on'. Just made it through the first session (well 10 minutes) and sat down waiting for the ice clean up crew to do their thing, then headed bakc out to the uber quick rink. Seems the clean up made the rink a bit of a speedway, and there was plenty of un-cooperative feet. And the arms flying in all directions gave away our 'hackiness'.

But it was great fun and I never went ass over, and Richie only did once - but claims it was cos I cut him off. After about another half over of going round in circles, the ice was getting rediculously packed, and little kids everywhere either made you look stupid with their skating ability, or made you look stupid by falling over in front of you. We called it quits and headed back to the hostel - not before picking up a few beers to knock back at the hostel.

I still love this town, even if it did start raining today. Thankfully it wasn't that cold, around 53 degress or 10-11 Celcius. But it did rain quite a bit. As a result, we figured that it was best to do some inside stuff today, and we headed straight to Times Square (obviously not inside) to buy discount tickets to Les Miserables. Well, they still cost $60 US, which was apparently half price, and we then headed to Planet Hollywood for a quick feed. Nothing like some more HUGE meals, and another huge bill. But it was raining outside, and I didn't want my hair to get wet! I did however pull out the spray jacket that I bought to take to work whilst riding my bike - which never got used as the bike was stolen before I could take it to work.

Anyway, went to Les Miz, and it was really cool. We chose it (ok, Richie chose it) cos it is Richie's favourite musical. I had never seen it before, and Ash had never even seen a musical. It was really good. However, for tickets whose full price is around $110, I didn't like the fact that we couldn't see the top of the stage above the barricade (for those that have seen and know the story). Really enjoyed it though.

After that we headed to 5th Ave, and the A&F store to grab some requests made from Southampton. Well that was an interesting shop. The place was blakced out like a night club, and the girls in there were hot - as Richie said, none would have been more than 100 pounds. Given the store is 4 stories high, Richie said show the girls the pics, and let them find the stuff. Firstly, they don't do service in this shop... "Ohh, we might have it, check the third floor". Secondly, when Richie said, "What's taking so long, just ask one of them", I replied that "with the lights down low and the girls, this place is more like a strip club and I'm waiting to choose the right girl!".

From there, we knocked back a couple slices of New York / Italian pizza and headed off to the World Famous Apollo Theatre in Harlem for Amatuer Night. We all assumed that it was a stand up comedy show, but it was actually amateur anything goes, from singers, beat box, dancing and spoken word. In fact, comedy was the only thing that wasn't in the competition. It was an awesome night, and was really good despite the fact it was nothing like we expected. The start of the show, with the band, was good, as was the 10 people out of the crowd they grabbed that had a dance off on the stage. All to get the crowd in the mood.

One of the craziest things though was the booing that took place to get people off the stage. If there was enough booing the executioner came out and stopped the performance and dragged you off stage. In the end, it was a pretty predictable 1st, and 2nd was almost booed off stage before he came home strong - a white beat-boxer is gonna be up against it all the time! Third, a dance troop straight out of the previous from You Got Served were alright, and probably rightfully placed in third.

Till tomorrow (when we have an increadibly full day)... peace out.

PS - Check the what the page for the latest photo from just off 101st street and see Richie's site for more diary...