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Michael’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 16 Jan 2007

Location: Southampton, UK

MapOkay guys,

Here's the last of the videos from the USA, all from Vegas. Most of them are from the trip to the Grand Canyon - and the M16 at the gun range! - but there is a gem of a clip at the end of the pile from me and Richie walking the strip at 2am on New Year's Day. Let's just say that the jovial profanity may offend some... oh yeah, and your opinion of a 'gem' video may be different to mine!

Finally, great to see the Chicago Bears win the first round (well second round with a week off) against all of the 1 and done nay-sayers! You know who you are, appologies welcome...

Update on everything that has happened since I got back will go up in the coming days... been busy, which is good... but looking ahead to the next trip now... and the one after that!

So here they are:

Me and the M-16:

Richie & M-16:

Ash & M-16:

Grand Canyon Helicopter Descent:

Grand Canyon Boat Cruise (with social commentary):

Helicopter Landing at West Rim Airport:

Eagle Point - Grand Canyon:

Guano Point - Grand Canyon (beautiful 360 degree views):

Las Vegas New Year's Morning - 2am on the Strip (caution drunken swearing... and a bit of a struggle with the English language in general!):

Hope you're well, more a real 'diary' in the next few days...