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Michael’s Travel Diary

Monday, 05 Feb 2007

Location: Southampton, UK

MapBear Down.... Maybe I should have gone to the Wolfmother concert?

Well, it's 330am, and I am off to bed after watching one of the poorest quarterbacking perforances I have seen in while. At least if 'Sexy Rexy' had of down a Jimmy and sunk piss all night, closing bars on Bourbon Street before the Superbowl, we would have had something to be proud of him for.

Anyway, there will be no superbowl shuffle this year, nor will be "Bringing Rexy Back" as Justin Timberlake would sing...

The best team on day won - and they were by far the better team. Bears D played well, bar one monster lapse, but the Offense had nothing. Am happy for Peyton, wished Harrison had of got more of the ball (if the Bears were to loose).

I would like to point out that the minute the Bears won the toss I jumped on line to try and back Devon Hester (actually, I backed "Any Other Player") to get the first TD. Unfortunately I couldn;t transfer my poker money to sport bet money on Paddy power, and didn;t have time to set up a Betfair account. I would have put $10 (actually, pounds) at 9.70... to say that I was jumping on the couch and acting like a fool when he found the lane would be an understatement... Alas I had no money on it...

Off to bed, and dream about next year.... "We're bringing Rexy back...."