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Michael’s Travel Diary

Monday, 26 Feb 2007

MapHey guys,

Well, just when I thought it was all over, the throat virus kicked back in again. I woke up Saturday morning and was nailed with another killer sore throat. I lasted as much through the day as I could, hoping it was gonna get better, but it didn't. Then I leanrt the stupidity of the English medical system. I managed to get into the walk in centre that I'd been in a couple weeks earlier.

After an hour long wait to see the nurse, I get told that they can't give me prescription drugs twice in a two week period. Thanks for making me wait an hour then....

What was worse, they give me a number to call ay 8am Sunday, which I then sit on hold for a further 20 minutes before getting a booking at the out of hours doctors - which just happens to be at the same damn place as the walk in surgery I was at the night before... man, what a bloody joke. Anyway, 5 minutes with teh doctor and he just dishes out the same prescription. Hopefully I'll get through this thing. At least I only couldn't eat for 1 day this time instead of 4.

Friday night was pretty tame this week. I went to the Walkie and must have been the only Aussie there. I sat there watching the Bronco's vs. St. Helen's in the World Club Championships. While it looked like the Broncos would win the whole game, and frankly played better for the majority of the game, they cocked it up too may times towards the end of the game and St. Helens won.

Hmmm, what else have I been up to? The Southampton Titans are coming along slowly, and trying to organise the team has been a second full time job. The website is coming along slowly, and isn't yet complete, but if you want to have a look at it:

As much as the organisational side of things can be a drag, and coaching can be a bit painful (at times anyway) I am loving the training side of things. It has been great to get into, and the Ausies that have come along to join in, even if they are just travelling through town for a week, have loved it too. Even the Brits and South Africans that are playing are getting a kick out of it.

The weather of late has been 'variable'. Not too much rain, but certainly not in the middle of a rought as has been the case in Melbourne. Having said that, the temperature has been nowhere near as warm either. It has been warm, none of that arctic blast stuff from earlier this year. I think the maximum temperature I have heard of late was 11 degrees Celcius - and that had the English folk out in their shorts and bikins copping a nasty sun burn! Hahaha....

Well, that about sums it all up for now... Stay in touch and I will try and do the same. Hope you're well.

P.S. Check out the great new pci on the What The???? Page. Haha, funniest thing I have seen since I left home I reckon! Hope you find it as funny as I did...