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Michael’s Travel Diary

Monday, 12 Mar 2007

Location: England

MapWhat a difference a weekend makes! And what an enjoyable weekend it was.

For the first time in I have no idea how long the sun was out ALL weekend, and what a much happier place it was to be. Man, I shit you not, I even heard the birds singing on Suday morning ;-)

In general it was a pretty quiet weekend. Friday night stayed in, sat up late, and woke up late (making great use of all that sunshine!). Went into town and grabbed some more pain killers. I'm still not feeling right, in fact I am still feeling not right, but wasn't as bad as I expected this weekend without the antibiotics.

Saturday night ended up at the Walkabout with Nat for a few quiet and (at times) free drinks. Was sensible, given I am still not feelin 100%, at least until Nat started buying shots! Still, departed around midnight for a comparitively early, but enjoyable, night.

Sunday was another glorious day, and I even ended up at training a half hour early just to get out and enjoy the Sun. Man, these Poms enjoy their sun a little too much. Yeah, the Sun was out, but it was still like all of 12 or 13 degrees. That didn't in the slightst deter the English flocking to the park and playing soccer - man it looked like a scene out of Secret Life of Us, except that every bloke out there wanted to be on the skins team. The game went from shirts & skins, to just plain skins.... it was all of 12 degrees... crazy English freaks. But I am starting to think that there may be something ti that SAD disorder or whatever they call it. Seasonal Attitude Disorientation or whaveter... where life suck in winter and is great in summer. Maybe there is something to it?

Anyway, my blood test takes place on Wednesday morning. I fly out to Dublin on Thursday evening. That's a tight time line, but I will keep you posted as to how it comes along.

Finally, for this entry, I am out to Dublin on Thursday evening, around the time that the NCAA Basketball Tourney starts. As such, I will have no idea the outcome of the first 4 days of games until I get back. Given I have a few days to catch up before the second weekend begins, I'd appreciate no random text messages detailing the performance of any teams. For those that have no idea what I am on about, never mind. Dad, Mum, Richie... you get the drift.

In any case, GO SIU SALUKI's. It is amazing how seeing one game, getting on the terps, and almost getting beaten up by a couple of locals after the game can endear you to a team. Mum, Dad, Richie and I saw the SIU Saluki's play in December at my parents old university. They managed to have a good year (though should have won their conference tourny and would have benefitted greatly if they had) and managed a 4th seed in this final tourney of the year. Fingers crossed they can go deep in the tournament.. the highlight of basketball for the year, who needs the NBA?

Another update soon, once the blood test is sorted maybe?