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Michael’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 18 Mar 2007

Location: Dublin, Ireland

MapSome how I survived...

Wind, rain, noise, green white and orange, beer, toilets, beer, rugby, vomit, that smell that vomit has, beer, beer, beer, toilets, over priced food, table top dancing and finally a cold walk home... that bout sums up St. Patrick's Day. What's more, I met more Amricans than Irish and Aussies combined!

Back to the start... after the moster effort that was Friday night, we were all up early-ish to get a feed into us and head to the main part of town to 'watch the parade'. In actual fact, we walked along side the parade route, with the wind wipping our faces, and rain looking imminent. There were thousands of people lining the roads of the parade, and being the 'good Aussie's' we are, we headed straight to the pub. A half hour wait out the front in freezing arctic winds, then the pub finnaly opened and we charged in and up...

You see, there was some method behind the maddness, and the pub that was chosen just so happened to be a 4 story monster, with windows that kinda looked over the parade route. Now the race was on to get the best seats in the house to watch the parade. Having said that, we weren't directly over the parade route and had a bit of a stretch to see the parade, but it was still a pretty good idea. So, get settled in and straight to the Guinness... man that stuff is addictive, my opinion of it may have changed some what permanently.

So, watch the parade once it started, and they were showing it on the big screen TV's too for a clearer view. Word filtered down that there were some toilets further up (one more flight) and that you could see the parade even better from up there. I headed up for a look, and when I realised that the girls toilet window opened, but I couldn't get the guys one opened, I sat in the chicks toilet for 15 minutes or so soaking in the sights, smells and sounds of the parade... not the toilet!

OK, enough parade... headed back down to the party, and they switched the coverage from the parade to the 6 nations rugby game between Ireland and Italy. What a game. Ireland needed to run the score up if they were to win the 6 nations as France had a 20 point advantage. In the second half Ireland started dominating and the cheers were up regularly for another Irish try. In the end, the scored enough for France to need a 23 point win over Scotland to secure the 6 Nations trophy. That was enough to keep everyone in the bar, all four floors of it, glued to the TV cheering hard for Scotland. In the end, a (dubious) try on the last play of the game to France game them a 27 point win, and the trophy, destroying what would have been a fairy tale story for Ireland on St. Patrick's Day... time for more beer...

So, the day generally continued with plenty of Guinness being consumed, running into HEAPS of Americans, mainly on spring break or school exchange, and noticing that the day had changed from St. Patrick's Day to the "International Festival of Boston Celtic and Notre Dame Fighting Irish Clothing Worn by Americans in Dublin Festival". Having taken control of the entire balcony area of the top level, the Aussies were keen to meet some real Irish. Who'd have thought that would end in such tears.

With space at a premium, people were sitting on tables, chair backs, window sills and all sorts of stuff. We eneded meeting three young Irish folks and a chick, and started chatting to them for a while - the first Irish people we'd met. The guys were from Dublin and the chick was the kid cousin from Dublin of one of the guys. Anyway, as I said, things turned ugly, and in the space of 15 minutes, the girl went from apparently fine, to passed out on the bench seat next to me, to vommitting all over me and Belinda who was sitting on my lap, and Luke who was sitting on her lap (like I siad, seating was at a premium!). Talk about nasty. As she had passed out and the head was cocked at 90 degrees resting on her own shoulder, she managed to throw up all over the front of me, down my t-shirt and jeans. Two choices... let it ruin my day, or get on with it. Using a 600ml bottle of Evian, I doused my clothes washed as much off as possible and decided it was better to be wet than covered in spew. The girl wasn't so lucky and spent the next half over continuing to throw up in the toilets. Her and her cousin left as soon as she could pull herself together and head off.

So, again, we were left with beer... By now food was becomming important, cos we hadn't had any, and found the pub selling chips for 5 € a shot... like I said, over priced. So yeah, a thing of chips and a few more pints of Guinness, and finally it started get dark outside. At some stage I missioned out of the pub (for the only time of the day) and got some Maccas from across the road.

WE continued to party in the pub all night, moving from floor to floor, enjoying the DJ's and bands, before finally settling where we started, partying harder and meeting more Americans. It was decided along the line, around the tripple play of U2 songs, that dancing on the tables would be an awesome ide. Repeatedly we were told to get down, but when "Do You Come From A Land Down Under" came over the sound system, every Aussie in the pub was climbing onto stuff to dance. Was an awesome night, with a great atmosphere and all round good craic.

Some time round 130 am, packed it in after 13 hours in the one bar, and wandered home in the rain, back to get some more sleep in the dorm with the freight train snorer sleeping in the bunk next to me... best of all, I woke up feeling great the next morning!